He told me He was my assurance

leaf and medicine

In 1988 when I was 26, I had a pain in my side. It was kind of unbearable like a really bad stomach ache. I went to my parents home to see if they knew what it was, my dad told me to lay on top of the table and he lightly pushed on the right side of my abdomen and released it, and said it may be my appendix.

They took me to the hospital at 7 pm after a ton of tests and a really bad scare at 2 am they decided to take my appendix, even though they were not really sure if that was the cause of the pain. We are always told we don’t really need it anyway. So, not knowing at that time. They took my appendix out. I have always hated anything to do with sickness and imbalances that lead us to see a Doctor or have to go to the Hospital.

I started studying exactly what our appendix does, and learned that it is needed, our Creator gave it to us for a reason.  The appendix is a small, tube-like organ located in the lower right area of the abdomen and attached to the first part of the colon.  It acts as a safe house for good bacteria, which can be used to effectively reboot the gut. And it releases a fluid when the body digests something that may be toxic to eliminate it. So our appendix is essential for our well-being.

After I read this, and was kind of mad thinking I could have done something to save it, like fast. To reboot what was happening with it, and really, they did not know if it was my appendix, I was told by the Doctor that I didn’t need it anyway, and back then I listened and did not question it,  like I would today. In that moment, I heard my Heavenly Father say, I am your assurance, you do not need insurance. Meaning, I did not need a physician. From that moment on almost 30 years now, I have been physician, doctor, medicine and hospital free. I believed what my Father spoke into my life, and I trusted it without doubting. Life is good! I thank Him every day!


Fruit of the Spirit

The fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, long suffering, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, self-control. Against such there is no law.
We are entering a time of extremes when the actions and reactions of those around us will be exaggerated and beyond the scope of what we consider normal.  You will have to moderate your behavior to stay within reasonable guidelines.  This is a time when you can learn a great deal about yourself and your unbridled responses, which must be reined in for you to be in the flow of the Spirit. Borrowed from Spirit of Prophecy
2 (3)
I was thinking today … how can people live without knowing and having a Father in heaven to lean on?  I have known Him for 45 years now, so I have no clue what it feels like to live without Him by my side. I asked Him what it was like for people not to have Him in their life.  In that moment in time, He took His Spirit away from me for what seemed like an eternity. I remember feeling empty, alone and life seemed dark. It was a horrible feeling that I hoped never to ever feel again.
Then His Spirit came back and it lit up my world, I felt free again and light. I do not know how man-kind lives without Him. He keeps my heart at peace. He hold my hand when I need someone there for me. He talks to me and I live a life on the good road because of Him. If your reading this and have never felt His presence beside you, ask Him to be there, ask. He tells us that we have not because we ask not.
Sharing more of my art on this post.

I love to Paint

Timmy at Edgar's Mission 2017 RIP.JPG

Sharing the creative side of me. In 2005 when I was a prayer partner in the ministry I have told you about in my Journal. I started drawing for the people I had prayed for. The drawings were very basic and were doodles more than drawings. But every year, I got a little better.

All my work is from scratch, I just put the paper or whatever I am painting on in front of me, and what comes is what is. My favorite thing to paint are animals with man-kind loving them. I have always had a fondness for animals. The painting above is Timmy from Edgar’s Mission in Australia. An amazing little Lamb who became an awesome Sheep, his story will touch your heart.

Read it here

Timmy rescued in 2007

Timmy’s Life on the good road

Farewell Timmy 2017 you were so loved by all

The featured piece of art was inspired by Edward Sheriff Curtis an American photographer and ethnologist whose work focused on the American West and on Native peoples.  He was born February 16th 1868 and passed on October 19th 1952. Go here to see some of his work Edward Sheriff Curtis

It’s been awhile since I have painted. But the cooler season is upon us now. So maybe more to come. 🙂


Treasure in Heaven


I have always kept these words close to my heart.  Today these words mean more to me than ever.  The treasure. that I store up on a daily basis, are all the run over animals in the streets, that I see everyday, and all the abused and unwanted ones to. I have a vision of life filled with animals, and peace and goodness forever more. I see myself, living in a Tree home with just the necessities I need to have a good life. The land is covered with Grasses, and there are Fields of Wildflowers, and acres of Orchards and Vineyards filled with all kinds of Fruit Tree’s and Vine Fruit. The land is pure and clean, so I can walk barefoot and never worry about stepping on anything. I have a beautiful porch swing where I can swing and watch all the animals I have stored up. The animals know me and never have to be afraid ever again. They come to me, and let me love them and never have to ever worry, but live a life they were created to live. There is nothing man-made in my treasure. It has everything that my Maker wanted me to have from the beginning of time.

I have visions many times of a life without man-made stuff. No fences, no control, no buildings, no boarders, everyone can self govern themselves, everyone is healthy and happy and pure. To have a life such as that would be awesome.


“2008 to 2017 my new life” page 14 of my Journal



I moved into my new home in the Autumn of 2008. I started to make friends pretty quickly. At the end of the next year, I decided to have a Holiday Get Together, as my way of saying “Thank you” to everyone who welcomed me here. A friend asked me if she could invite someone she wanted me to meet. Little did I know then, that this man would become my new life. We met and it was as if I knew him already. From that moment on we were inseparable. We met in 2009, got engaged in 2010 and were married in 2011. I was moving again and living in paradise. God’s hands were all over it. I was so happy, have a great guy and life is good again.

The day I sold my home a Praying Mantis appeared. It was a good sign for me. A blessing so to speak for such a time as this. My husband and I were starting fresh together. And the Praying Mantis was a way God spoke to me to say he approved.  My life, our life is now on the good road. Life is good!!!

The rest of my story will be written on a day to day basis. I will write when I feel led to share something. I will also be posting miracles that have happened to me, lessons I have learned and the wisdom I have gained.

Thank you for reading my testimony. 🙂





My Natural Bridge Dream


A chain of events has happened recently, and it all came together in my dream last evening on October 12th 2017. I dreamed that I was at the Natural Bridge with my husband, and as we were walking along in awe. I was prompted to stop at a certain section of it, and in that moment, the Spirit of our Creator released every bird I could ever imagine seeing right there. They flew in perfection thru the Bridge and swooped up and out into the sky. There were a plethora of every kind of bird that He created filling the sky. It was to beautiful to be able to describe in words. The end of my dream.

Yesterday as I was driving, in a corn field in real time, I saw a plethora of bird flying over the corn, that was really cool, because they did fill the area and atmosphere where they were, I stopped to watch them, it was beautiful.

When you live and walk in the Spirit, things become more alive around you. You become more heavenly minded so to speak, and see things that you probably would miss being carnal minded. A special gift from our Creator for sure.

This is just a little clip I found … to share a portion of the Bridge in the evening and a light show they have there, with the beginning in Genesis and His plan for all mankind and the life He created. This was the original plan, you can read it in Genesis 1 and part of chapter 2 in the bible. If you were to follow this plan, life would be good.

“2005 to 2008 my transitioning time” page 13 of my Journal


I never looked back, I only looked forward and pressed on. I was now on my own for the first time in 14 years and totally alone now, because he took our Bulldog back. It was a very lonely time for me, I look back now and it does not seem real to me. To be able to go through what I did, and come out happier. Blows my mind.

It was also an exciting time, because of my heavenly Father’s promise and knowing He was there for me.

In 2005 everything was fuzzy, I do not remember that year much at all. What I do remember about that year, is I found a friend who helped me to cope. He was a pastor of a counseling ministry. He would sit and talk with me and help me to sort out my thoughts from a biblical perspective. In the summer of 2005 he baptized me in the Gulf of Mexico, I had shared my faith for the first time with everyone that I knew. I felt alive and ready to live again. Pressing on …

In 2006 I became a part of his ministry, and learned that I had a seer gift. I prayed for people who would come to him for council and God would give me visions to give them for some insight into their challenges.  I realized then, that I had always had that gift, I just did not, understand it fully. But many of the visions I would see were scripturely sound, according to my pastor friend. And I stayed with that ministry for awhile, and learned many things that I did not know.

In 2007 I felt a prompting from God to turn on the TV, when I did, a Domestic Animal Shelter program was on and a dog was being shown. He prompted me to go and get the dog. I kind of hesitated at first, but then said to myself why, am I questioning God? He told me that one day this dog would be free to run and play and be a dog. I could not see how that could happen at the time, because I was in a small home, and a large dog was not conducive to be getting at the time. But, after a week or so, I called and he was still there so I went to get him. When I walked into the shelter, it was as if all the other dogs knew who I was there to get. The dog I was there to get, was the only one jumping up and down wagging his tail. All the others were quiet and still. I wished I could have taken them all.

We went home and that next year, we were moving. But where was I going, what was I doing? I look back now and see that He had it all planned. He knew exactly where my dog would go before I could ever see it, I just had to listen and follow the plan. In the days to come I was led to purchase a home sight unseen, in an area I had never stepped foot in. My family thought I was crazy. But, it was my faith walk, and my Maker was with me the entire time. It all went so smooth and so easy, I could not stop Thanking Him. 800 miles from where I was living on into the Mountains.

I befriended the real estate lady, who helped me get my new home. She really was a God send and helped me not only to get settled in, but familiar with the area and my new surroundings. I had 2 acres and a nice home with old growth fruit trees, a grape vine and a wrap around porch. I was in heaven. My neighbors were great, the street had other dogs that roamed free, so Zeik was free to run and play and be a dog just as God had promised us. I grew a garden and did some home improvements. Our Father in Heaven really shined in my life. I almost couldn’t believe how easy it all was and how much I was liking my new environment.

I was now starting a new life, in a new state, in a new home, with my almost new dog. To those reading this, a relationship with the One who created and made you is essential. He is like the best dad you could ever ask for. He can help you out of any jam, if you’ll follow His lead and listen. I am grateful and thankful I have an up close and personal relationship with my Father in Heaven.

Life Wide Open

I just started reading a book called “Life Wide Open” and when I got to the first half of the second chapter, I paused to think why my passion has never come to fruition. And in that moment, my Father in Heaven answered me.


My passion, ever since I was little was to be around lots of animals. And as I got older, I desired to have a sanctuary kind of like Edgar’s Mission in Australia. But, combining abused and broken children and animals together, with like minded people that would want to help to raise them up with grace and love surrounding them. Today, I asked my Father in heaven why this did not ever come to be, when there is such a great need. And when I first came to my pc to write, I checked my e-mails first and read this. From the Spirit of Prophecy site on October 12th 2017 @ Small Straws in a Soft Wind by Marsha Burns


“Allow Me to glorify Myself through you.  Position yourself to be a conduit of My will and work.  Every time you choose righteousness over evil, you bring glory to My kingdom.  When you allow Me to pray through you or preach through you or witness through you, it is a glorious expression of who I am and who you are in Me.”

“Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works and glorify your Father in heaven.”


And then my heavenly Father said, your vision is like my own, my dear child. It can not come to fruition at this time, and why it never has. You believe in freedom, which there is none. You believe in the animals being and doing what they were created to be, do and become, and that will never be. You believe they should be fruitful and multiply and that will never be. Because I have given free will to everyone, the world will be as it is going to be, until I say no more. The people of the world are the most wicked they have ever been. You see in your vision a paradise, where everything is free and everyone is loving. That is what my plan was from the beginning of time. But you can see just as I do, people have not followed my plan. They do as they wish for their own gain.

Animals will be some what safe in the sanctuaries that now exist, because the people running many of them have a heart of compassion. But you do not believe in anything outside of my will be done. You will be mocked and worse things will happen to you because of what you believe. I created LIFE to prosper, multiply and fill the earth. Today, many are taking life, even so called believers, spaying and neutering which is taking life away. Making their own choice and controlling life.


You do not have your vision, because it will never be able to come to fruition as this earth is today. So, wait and keep abiding in my will for your precious life. One day, you will walk in the world you desire.

A Lesson to learn

One day the Spirit of Y’shua came to me, and asked me if I was ready to follow Him.  I thought I already was following Him. But in that moment in time, in the Spirit, He burned everything down in my life, and I stood there in the ash, realizing that I was connected to things I did not need to be connected to. Materialistic things mostly. I had no idea, how connected I was to certain things until they were gone.

It is our heart that His Spirit listens to, it is our heart that speaks volumes. Nothing is hidden from Him. He knows us better than we know ourselves. He was fulfilling a desire of my heart in that moment in time. And that was to go deeper and be closer to the Spirit. He knew what was needed and the reason He took me thru that experience. I would not have known otherwise. Then, in a moment, He gave me everything back. And I realized, what was once important to me really was not anymore.

About 6 months went by and He came to me again in the Spirit, asking the same question. This time, I was ready. He burned my life down again, and as I stood there in the ash, I realized just how attached to people I was.  The first time was materialistic things, and this time was relationships. I was attached to tightly to fully follow Him. I wept, thinking how I had no clue and how unready I really was. In that moment I was given everything back. My heart was sad.

The 3rd time He came to me was about 6 months later and this time I was ready. As I stood in the ash, I had no attachments and could easily follow.  What a lesson in the Spirit. You can’t  know how you would react to something, unless you go thru it. The desire of my heart was to be ever so sensitive to His Spirit leading my life. To be able to pray without any doubt of His will be done in and through my life. To be closer and go deeper than I ever had been before. This desire was achieved. I stood grateful.

And He gave me everything back. I learned never to quench His Spirit.


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