I am now a VIDA Designer

I am now a full fledged VIDA Designer using the name Painter of Life and creating One of a Kind Apparel and Accessories


I make 10% profit on all my designs and 100% of that goes to those in need. This is a talent of mine and used to give back or pay it forward so to speak. This year I will be donating all my proceeds to our local shop with a cop that helps needy children gather needed items during the winter season. 🙂



A lesson about Prayer and a Horse named Barbaro

For those of you reading this, that may not have known who Barbaro was, here is a little snippet on his life from man-kinds perspective >>> Barbaro was a Thoroughbred racehorse who decisively won the 2006 Kentucky Derby, but shattered his leg two weeks later in the 2006 Preakness Stakes, which ended his racing career and eventually led to his death.

RIP Barbaro ~ April 29, 2003 ~ January 29, 2007 he was only 3 years old.


I was just on my way our the door that morning in 2006 to set up for a class I would be teaching. My Pastor friend called me and shared with me what had happened to Barbaro and then asked me to pray together. Because I had to be out the door that second, I told him I would call him back after my class to pray with him. But, that did not settle well with God. I had an unction, at that moment, that anything of this world like my career, was not as important as praying the moment a prayer is asked for.  So, I called back my friend and we prayed for Barbaro. That time took about 1/2 hour of my morning. I was worried, because I knew I would never be ready for my class at 8:30 am. But God assured me to have no worries.

When I got to my class, I was able to get everything done. And when I looked at the clock, the time was set back about a 1/2 hour. I thought, thank you God. He somehow stopped time for me. I was able to get to class on time, set up and be ready before anyone showed up.  I learned that a prayer should be given the minute someone asks for prayer.  Do not wait.

My heart broke for Barbaro. A horse is not given to this earth to race. It is a gift from above. And should be able to live a long happy life.  God put them here to be with their own kind, to be fruitful and multiply and live a long healthy life. No animal was put here for our greed, and to race beyond their capacity. Each life is precious to our Heavenly Father. Every life has worth all it’s own.




I was taken to the Wailing Wall

In my prayer time, I was taken to the Wailing Wall in the Spirit. Sometimes when I am in deep prayer the Holy Spirit moves me in ways that are like watching a movie. I can see myself doing things that I have no control over it. Maybe it’s my Spirit man that goes, I don’t really know. But, this was an amazing vision for me. I was at the Western Wall also known as the wailing wall, and I was led to put my hand upon the shoulder of a man who was praying there. As I touched him, I could feel the presence of Y’shua right there with us. The man was wailing and fell to his knees. Even though I could see myself there, the man did not see me and only felt the presence of Y’shua with him. I don’t understand it all. I was just so blessed to be able to be that open vessel in the time of need for another. All done in the Spirit. Wow!

Immediate Healing

Everything in life takes time. But once you experience certain things, you come to realize that there is a realm that surrounds us. Also called an open heaven. Where His grace pours down upon us, with His favor. This was one of those times. I had just gotten a new stove, the kind with the smooth top where the burners light up when they are hot verses fire. Well, I was done cooking and turned off the burner and was not thinking, because moments later I went to wipe the top and the burner was still hot and my pinkie finger stuck to it and I felt instant pain from the burn that brought me to my knees. I quickly wrapped by other hand around it and applied pressure, then I peeked at it and it was blistering and the pain was unbearable. So, I immediately cried out to our Great Physician for healing. Immediately the pain was gone. I opened up my hand to look and it was normal as if it never happened. I was in awe. What favor in that moment in time. Thank you Father, thank you for answering my cry for healing.

Armour of Light

While praying, God opened up a vision to me about the Armour of Light. I saw myself walking along a road in the physical, and as I was walking I could see my body as if it were being unwrapped, and i was walking out of my skin, like being peeled or stripped from all that is physical. I walked right out of my skin and my being was pure light. It glistened with God’s Grace.  I thought of this saying “Greater things we will do because we are sent our Comforter”.  To lead and guide us, to all knowledge, wisdom and truth. We are the light of Y’shua. He left us with all that we ever needed to know. It is written upon the tablets of our heart.



Messiahs Disciple

God called me to a ministry and gave me the name “Messiahs Disciple” I thought when He gave it to me it would be taken, but across the board on every social site I opened, Messiahs Disciple was not being used. I was blown away, that He saved that venue and name just for me, for a time and a season. I was so grateful and thankful, for the time that I was able to use that name.

Today all my sites are under my name Kelly Karonhienha’:wi ~ Spirit Led. As we learn and grow and God reveals our place to us in this world. I also move and grow and let the Spirit lead and guide my life.

This was an interview, that I had no clue was going to be an interview posted word for word from my mouth, but it was and it was shared and is still on-line so I am sharing it with you.

Original Post


Introducing Messiah’s Disciple: What Knowing Jesus Really Looks Like

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This week it is my humble pleasure and honor to introduce to you an extraordinary woman with a very humble yet powerful ministry. Her name is Kelly Messiahs Disciple.

Is your Christianity boring? Are you frustrated? Are you questioning your faith? Do want a deeper relationship with Christ? Are you ready to be challenged in your walk with God? If you said “yes” to any of these, then don’t go anywhere! You don’t want to miss this! Grab a cup of joe, take a cozy seat and get ready to discover the love and life-changing power of Jesus Christ!

I invite you to join Kelly and I in a candid but very heartfelt and transparent interview. Our prayer is that all those who read are not merely entertained, but changed. If you’re looking for Christ, have questions about who He is, or want to know what a genuine relationship with Jesus really looks like, this post has answers! 

I encourage you to visit Kelly’s website below to connect with her ministry, read her blog, and view or download her free artwork. Follow her on Facebook® and Twitter®. She’d love to connect with you!


EP: Tell me about Messiahs Disciple, your ministry, and how it began.

MD: Okay, I would say the name ‘Messiahs Disciple’ started this year, because I’ve had ministries in the past, but they’ve always been my name choices. And I felt like this year God just said, ‘You know, your names are changing now and you’re going to be Messiahs Disciple.” And I thought at first, “Messiah’s Disciple” — that’s so, like, popular. So I didn’t think I’d ever get it. And I got it on all the social networking sites, so it was definitely a God-thing.

EP: I love that. It speaks to Evangelicals as well as the Messianic community. Messiahs Disciple speaks to both Jew and Gentile believers, is that correct?

MD: Correct.

EP: That is so critical at this time, because so many people are coming to the LORD – Jews and Gentiles alike. We’re definitely in the last days. So tell me, now that you have this set up this year and you’re moving forward, I noticed that LOVE is very central to your ministry. And you’ve made that so clear. Tell me about some of the things Messiahs Disciple does to bring that love Christ has for His Church and the world into central focus.

MD: Let me go back to the main time when I had a personal encounter with God, because that’s really where it all started. I can look back and see the way He sculpted, molded and developed me into where I am today. I was born in 1962. And in 1972 I was playing basketball in the backyard with my girlfriends and I looked over on this hedge and I saw this bug. And I had never seen this kind of bug before. It was a praying mantis – one of the really big ones.

And when you’re a kid you’re just like, ‘Wow! What is this?’ And you put it in the jar and you’re looking at it. And as I was looking at it, one of my friends, she took the jar while I was looking at it and she shook it. And I said, ‘Cathy, don’t shake the jar! You’re going to hurt it!’ And then my next girlfriend took it and she shook it. And something in my heart – I weeped [sic], because I was the one who saw it and put it in the jar. And I remember I grabbed it, and I started crying and I just said, “God, I’m so sorry to do this to your creation!”

I ran home, and I ran behind my pool, and I was all alone and I said, “God I am so sorry! I promise I’ll never harm anything of Yours again.” And I was just in tears! And I remember I heard the audible voice say, “Do you promise?” And I looked up, and I kind of gasped and I said, “Is that You, God?!” And I didn’t get an answer, but I know what I heard. So I sat behind the pool, and I took the bug out of the jar, and he was kind of lifeless. And then I prayed for him, and then my mom called me in and I went to bed. And the next morning I ran out to see if it was there, and it wasn’t there.

And years later I did a little coloring book of that testimony, and I wrote in my coloring book – I have God’s hand – one hand is holding the jar, and the other hand is holding the praying mantis. So I knew at that point that He had actually saved it, and it was somewhere with Him. And that was the start of it. That was the start of everything! I mean, just totally captured me in that moment. And not at that exact moment, I thought I was forever changed, but in looking back I was forever changed. Because He never left me from that day forward. He was just always there so close. And something inside of me had this love. He just filled me full! I always say, “God just fill me full to overflowing with your love, and your grace, and your mercy” and it was just from that day forward I have been so filled with His love, and it’s so POWERFUL!

And my ministry, I just say saturate me, fill me so full that I overflow and I just feel Your love. It has nothing to do with me. And that’s why I don’t have my picture or anything personal to do with me, because I want the focus to be on people finding that personal relationship and that one-on-one walk with their Creator.

EP: That’s awesome. And who do you proclaim the Creator to be?

MD: Abba God, YHWH.

EP: Just to make that clear to others, when you say ‘Creator’ that could be construed differently for different people. Would you say that is Jesus Christ?

MD: Oh yes! Definitely!

The Ministry

EP: So, what are some of the ministries you’re doing right now? And is Messiahs Disciple a 501-c3 organization that receives donations?

MD: No. I do donations, but what I do, is when I feel like God’s leading me to something, if I need a donation, then I’ll ask for a donation. Most of the time, I just do things on my own. For instance, I just found a homeless man recently. And he was just sitting out there, and I went and had a conversation with him and asked him if I could befriend him. And he said ‘yes’. And I took him out to dinner a couple times, and we had a chat. And I actually helped him to find a way that he could actually go and get his social security and get his home, and get food stamps for now until he got back on his feet. So God leads me kind of in my ‘own’ way. I don’t have a big ministry that has donations and does something big. It’s just a day-to-day basis.

EP: There are more and more ministries like yours (and there are others) who are staying away from the 501-c3 simply because they do not want the government involved any longer in the affairs of their ministry. There’s been so much corruption, that people are actually beginning to go that personal route. So you can receive donations, but it’s not tax-deductible anymore. So, is that the way you’re going about it at this time?

MD: I don’t want to say I don’t do anything legal. But I just don’t feel God leads me that way. For instance, I helped a lady one time. God just asked me to go and feed her horses. So I went to feed her horses. And little by little, I got to know her, and I wound up helping her and her five children get a home. Well, that’s something I needed to ask for a donation for. So money poured in and she got her down payment, and that was it.  So I just gave it to her and I walked away. I trust God with it. I don’t do anything with it. When it comes in, it went to her. I don’t have people just donating. When something comes up, I ask for it, and whatever comes in goes to that person. And that’s it! It’s done.

EP: That is so awesome! It just exchanges hands through you. You’re just the conduit, so-to-speak, to get that money to that individual! That’s awesome! I love that!

MD: And it’s rare that I reach out to other people, because I do it on my own. If it’s something big like that – she needed a down payment on a house – then I ask people.

EP: That’s such a beautiful way to allow God to use you. You have several things that God has put on your heart. I see a lot of work with animals and the homeless. Is there any other area that God’s using you in?

MD: Children. I love children. So if I see a child that’s broken or in need, then me and my husband both reach out. It’s really any need. If you’ve ever heard of the testimony of Mother Teresa in Calcutta, a person asked her one time, ‘How do you know what orphan to take in? There’s hundreds! How do you go out and take ten for the day?” And she said, “God says, ‘this one, this one, this one,’ and those are the hands that I take for that day.” That’s how my ministry is. It’s a daily prayer and a daily outreach. And I’m just very sensitive to the Spirit. I just go.

For instance, there was a Sunday that me and all of my friends were going to go on a motorcycle ride. And that morning I felt God say, “Don’t go”.  And I’m seasoned enough that I know to listen to that. So I didn’t go. I just went about my day. So I figured there would be an accident – I didn’t know what it was – I just know to listen. So me and my husband went about our day. And about two o’clock in the afternoon we were driving and we saw a man on the side of the road with three dogs. So I said, “Pull over.” I always carry dog food in case I see a dog on the side of the road who may need food. I went over to him and I said, “Can I actually give your dogs some food, because I actually carry it with me?” And he said, “Oh, that would be awesome!” So we talked a little bit and I gave him some power bars. I always have those with me.

And we left, but I couldn’t get him off my heart. So I said, “Honey, I think we need to back.” So we went back. And I said, “Do you need help at all? Are you a traveler? Are you homeless?” He said, “I’m a traveler. I left Florida, and I’m on my way to [the] Port.” But he didn’t actually tell us where he was going. So I said, “Can we give you a ride?” He said, “That’d be awesome!” So I said, “Here’s the thing…” I had my little car, which wouldn’t have fit him and three dogs. And he was an hour away from where we were. So I said, “If you can walk to the next gas station next to where we live, we’ll go home and get our truck and come back and get you.”

So we went home and got our truck, and my husband said, “Let’s drive him maybe thirty miles.” Well, we live in a very mountainous terrain where there’s no sides or sidewalks to the road. For somebody walking, it can be very dangerous. And I said to my husband, “I just think we need to take him the whole way.” And he said, “That’s a three-hour drive!” And I said, “I just really feel like we need to.” And my husband said, “We’ll take him over the [mountain], that’s really bad, and once we get pretty close we’ll drop him off.” So we stopped at a gas station and I said to him, “Are you okay?” And he was just like, “Wow, I was scared, but it’s just so beautiful.” And he said, “There’s no way I would have made it, because there’s nowhere to walk.” So at the end of the day we ended up taking him the whole way, and we didn’t get home until midnight. And it was just such a blessing. And for my husband it wasn’t at the time. But the next morning he said, “Thank you so much! I’ll never forget that!” So those kind of things, God does.

Led By the Holy Spirit

EP: You’re just being led by the Spirit. Wherever God takes you, at any given moment, He could call you into anything. And here’s what I see Kelly as you’re talking to me, and as I’ve read some of your stories – that truly is what every Christian should be living. Do you not agree?

MD: I do agree.

EP: That is truly the life Christ calls each one of us to live. However, so many of us are entangled so much with our jobs and our families that we don’t have the freedom to do that. We are so bogged down with the responsibilities and obligations of everyday life that we seldom have time in our schedules – or we don’t even notice what other people are going through. We’re distracted by our own lives, and the things that are consuming our attention. I want to know, what would you say to that?

MD: Well, I think that to me, God can’t be first in that person’s life. Because when God’s first and He starts – and you really know Jesus – and you’ve accepted the Holy Spirit– And that’s the other thing: When I first met God, I knew God, and then years later I really felt like I needed to know Christ, and I got to know Christ and I became His bride. That was another whole story.

And then I remember I never got baptized. My parents didn’t believe in baptizing as a baby because we didn’t have a choice. So when I finally had a choice I was baptized in my twenties and it was my choice with God. I never really was brought up in the church. My parents brought us up with morals and ethics and being good to our neighbor. So when I was ready to be baptized, I went and searched for somebody to do it, and I just couldn’t find anybody. I just didn’t feel led. I felt like God said, “You could just go under the water and do it with Me.” So at that first point I did. It was my personal one-on-one thing with God. But then when I knew I needed to know the Holy Spirit that’s when I went and I repented of everything I could ever think of that I ever did to somebody that was wrong, and I invited everybody that I knew to tell them that I was Spirit-filled and that I knew Christ, and who my Savior was to me. I wrote letters, and I felt at that point like “Wow, I’m really moving into a totally different realm.” And at that point I was then volunteering as a prayer partner for a ministry. I had a pastor who went down to the Gulf of Mexico, and I got baptized. And everybody that I ever knew – everybody that I could ever think of that I knew – was invited.

EP: So you took it a step further than most people who come to Christ. You were very verbose about your faith. You were out there initiating. You were telling people, “I’m a Christian now. I’m not living the same life. I know Jesus” You were very upfront about it.

MD: Yes, because I wanted everyone to know who I was, and what my decision was, and that nothing could change that. This is who I am now, and this is what I’m doing, and I’m living everyday for Christ.

EP: And did that include family, friends, as well as co-workers, employer…

MD: Yes! Every single person that I could think of that I knew!

EP: Wow! I bet you were surprised at the number of people you actually come into contact with on a daily basis! Your realm of influence was probably much larger than you realized!

MD: Oh yeah! I think it is. You’re right. If I touch one person, it could touch a thousand, a million – but I won’t know it. I won’t see it.

EP: Exactly right. It’s exponential.

MD: That’s the point.

EP:  So what was their response?

MD: Oh, I come from a very open family. I come from a line of pastors and ministers. So they were all open to it; my family loved it, but I don’t really know anyone in my family who has as close of a walk as I do. I don’t know everybody’s heart, you know what I mean? I’m just more open about it. So, everybody was accepting of it. It’s funny, I don’t ever have — so many people say that it’s so hard to walk with Christ because of those things. But I’ve never had a hard time. And I think it’s because I just walk in love and I let people be who they are, and I meet people where they’re at like Jesus did. I draw the line in the sand like Jesus did. And I think because I live like that, I’m accepted. I don’t know how to explain that, because I’ve never had a hard time.

EP: I think you’ve really hit on a key issue — that evangelism for so many years has been about forcing others into Christianity, and into a decision for Christ, and really pressing the issue instead of meeting people where they’re at and loving them into wholeness. Instead of being Christ to them, we try to force them through our words and our testimony. And really our testimony is not about our words so much as it is our actions, would you agree?

MD: I agree. If Christ really lives in us– When I’m talking with somebody I ask Christ to be my mouthpiece. So I’m not “kelly”. But if He lives in me, then He is the One who is shown. And I think that people just accept that.

EP: He’s the One living through us.

MD: Correct.

Discipled by Christ

EP: I really see a beautiful example of discipleship that you’re living before other people – even before other Christians. When they look at your life, they’re not just going to see another Christian. They’re going to see someone who is really being led by the Holy Spirit, who’s trying her best to demonstrate Christ Jesus to a lost world in whatever way that would lie within your capability and capacity.

MD: And as you’re saying that, I was thinking about that time I listened to the Holy Spirit who told me not to go on the motorcycle ride. Well, I didn’t know why. But then afterward all those people I was going to go for a ride with said, “Wow! You really hear Him!” So they’re like, “If you can, then I can!” So it becomes more powerful. “You stayed home, and we went. We weren’t led, but I can become sensitive like that, too, if you can.” And I said, “Yeah, you can. You just gotta’ learn how to listen.”

EP: And that’s a very key thing. People don’t really listen as much anymore. We’re so focused on prayer, and prayer is much more about what we have to say to God and what we have to communicate to Him. But people have forgotten the art of listening to the LORD, and quieting themselves.

MD: He had to teach me these things. I was not as sensitive to the Spirit at times in my walk. He’s kind of funny at times, because I remember — this exactly how He taught me to listen. This is my story: I went to make a hard-boiled egg one day. And at times I do hear His audible voice. He said, “Don’t eat the egg.” And I said, “Why God? Is there something wrong with it?” And I am asking all these questions, but of course He doesn’t answer you, He just says it and that’s it!

EP: (laughing) He expects you to obey it!

MD: He’s just like, “We’re not having this conversation. Just do it.” But your mind says, “Why does He say this? Is there something wrong with the egg?” I didn’t get it. I mean, months went by! And every time I’d get an egg I’d hear, “Don’t eat the egg”. And I still didn’t get it! And one day… you know that commercial where they say, ‘You could have had a V-8!’ and they smack their head? Well, it was like that! And I said, “Ohhhhh! It was just about listening! Don’t eat it. Don’t question. That’s it!” It was so simple! But I was thinking and rehearsing all these questions. When He says, don’t eat it, then don’t eat it. So it has nothing to do with the egg. It was just, “If I say something, then do it.”

EP: He’s training your ear. He’s training your spiritual ear.

MD: Yes, and it took a long time until I was finally like, Oh, I get it now. And years later He taught me about obedience. Because you can listen, but you may not obey!

EP: Yes, because is our obedience based on our understanding Him? Or is it based on His word?

MD: Exactly! So here was my lesson on obedience. I was all ready. I was going down to a pool, I was off that day, and I was going to go swimming! And I went down and put my lotion on and put my stuff on the table, and went and did my first lap, and He said, “Go upstairs (I was writing a manuscript at the time for a book), and put your manuscript in a manilla envelope and send it off to Augsburg Books.” And I had never even heard of any of this! And so I was like, “Okay,” and He said, “Now!” So I was like, “Okay…” So I got out of the pool, left all my stuff there, went up,  got on my computer – there was an Augsburg Books, and I was like, “God, You’re so amazing!” I looked up their address, put the manuscript in the manilla envelope. I was still soaking wet. I went to the post office and mailed it. And when I was all done He said, “Don’t expect anything. It was just – when I ask you to do something I need you to obey immediately.”

And so see, that had nothing to do with it. But He taught me how to hear, and He taught me how to do it – immediately — Not on my own time! But when He says “do it”, do it. I feel like He’s prepared me for that – not that He’s needed me to do things right away, but there will be a time when He does and I need to know, and hear, and obey.

The Writing & Artwork

EP: That’s beautiful! I love that you’ve learned that lesson and are walking in that now. You are a writer, correct?

MD: Well, I would say I’m not really that great of a writer, because I’m a very bad reader. I can listen to an audio book, but to read? I’ve never been able to comprehend what I read. So, even the Bible, I remember when I first tried to read it, it was like mumbo jumbo. And I said, “God, You know, there has to be a way that I can understand this.” And I opened it up and my life verse was Matthew 7:13-14 – that was the very first thing I ever read where I got it! About the wide and the narrow gate. Then after that it was just like He opened it up! But what He did was every time I opened it up to study it, I would get out like a coloring book, and I would actually draw what He was teaching me through the word. I can’t just read it and get it. I have to see it. I’m more of a visual person.

EP: You’re an auditory-visual learner.

MD: I am!

EP: I’ve found that to be true, too, in my bible studies that I write. There are a lot of areas where I’ll have them write out the scriptures for themselves – not just read it. And I’ve found that when you do that it literally builds neural pathways in your brain that helps you retain information. You will remember! You won’t lose that. You will KNOW what the Word of God says. You won’t forget it. And you’ll know it for yourself because you’ve written it down with your own hand. It’s locked in! It’s an excellent way to memorize scripture. And to put it into artwork is such a glorious thing! So you have your coloring books!

MD: You know, I felt called to do a coloring book a long time ago, and I’ve done little pictures here and there, and never really posted stuff. But now I’ve just colored the whole book of Jude, and I did the whole book of Joel. So I feel like God’s having me do coloring books of the chapters!

EP: I love that! That is amazing! And you may already know this, but coloring books are a big thing right now among adults!

MD: I couldn’t believe how big they were!

EP: They’re a huge thing! They’re very popular. And more and more adults who are doing them are finding that it’s very therapeutic! That child in us is still very much alive. There are parts of us that never change. I think that’s a huge ministry, and in your artwork it’s beautiful! I love it! It does speak to the child in all of us. When I look at your pictures it reminds of something a child would draw! It really brings you back to that. It ministers to the child in us.

MD: It’s funny that you say that because there was a time when I couldn’t draw at all. And I lost my sister in 2005. She died of cancer. And she was always the artist in the family. And I was always just like, man if I could ever just draw like her! It was around the exact same time when I became a prayer partner in a ministry, and I would go in and I would pray with my pastor, and he wasn’t a pastor of a church (I mean, he was), but at the time that I met him he was in a counseling ministry. So people would come to him for counsel. And we would pray for them. And God would give me these things to draw, and it was just stick people at that time. I couldn’t draw. But what I found was at the end of people’s session, I would give them what I drew for them and they were like, “Oh my gosh, how did you know certain things about me?” And I was like, “What do you mean?” And they’d say, “How did you know I had a dog? Or how did you know…” And I didn’t. “That was just God, you know, somehow having me draw and give it to you.” So I’m realizing this is where God was showing me just how much He knows His children. I mean knew them — knew everything about them. So I would draw these things in the pictures only they could know – I couldn’t know them.  I was like, “Wow, God, You’re with them! You’re really with them here in their counseling session!” And so they got to know that, too. Like, “Wow, He’s really here!” And they would get healed through those pictures! And I thought they’d be more artistic, but God just keeps me drawing like a child! They’re childlike!

EP: That’s what I think is so beautiful about it! They’re so very much like a child. I think that ministers very tender, very innocent, and that’s something God wants to minister to his people. That is so precious! I want to encourage you to keep doing that! I don’t know anyone else that is doing that like you are!

But you are writing. You have a blog, is that correct?

MD: Yes, I do. But like I said, I’m not a great writer. I do run on sentences and stuff. I don’t know where to punctuate and stuff! (laughs). But I do love to write! I love to capture my thoughts and my dreams and put them on paper.

EP: Sure. What are the things God has called you to write about, Kelly?

MD: Actually, the very first thing was to write my testimony and draw the picture of the praying mantis. I did it a long time ago, but I don’t have it on-line right now. I did it in a book, and I actually gave it to my parents. That was the first thing I wrote. Now, they’re just like little snippets of things that would happen. Like now, I just posted on, I was driving and saw these cows out in the field (I don’t know if you read it), but I saw these cows out in the field and they were all walking in the poop and the mud, and I thought, “Gosh, those poor things!” Because all around the outside of their fence was green grass. And I just felt like God spoke to my spirit and said, “You know, I didn’t create borders or boundaries or fences.” He said, “If those cows were living the way that I created them they would just be moving and going, and they’d be the natural lawnmowers!” And I thought, “Oh my gosh!” And I saw these goats, and the goats would get the hill. And I said, “Well, cows don’t go up the hills!” And He said, “No, my goats do.”

And I saw this vision of the way He created animals. They would be landscapers. And these visions come like you’re watching a TV screen. And He was showing me what it would look like if things works out according to His plan, if people didn’t have their own free will. And I saw this long arm mower that a man-made, that would just take out everything! It’ll take out a bird’s nest, or a turtle — I mean, it’ll just take out everything! And it kills them. And He said, “My cows wouldn’t do that. My goats wouldn’t do that. They would just landscape beautifully and everything would live.” I was like “Wow…” I was just seeing these cows versus these lawnmowers that we actually pay money for, and I just see things that could be so easy and man makes everything so hard.

EP: (laughing) You’re so right! And expensive, too!

MD: I know! And now we have these zero turn mowers that are like ten-thousand dollars! I’m like, “Gosh! He made the cow!”

Knowing Jesus — Real Relationship

EP: What I see is that you have a ministry that is very much walking in the Spirit. Service-oriented, just like Christ taught us. And you’ve got a ministry where God is using your artwork and your writing, and you’re taking donations as needed. Is there anything else that you’d like to share that God has called you to do?

MD: Not really. It’s an as-needed, one-on-one… it’s a walk. It’s a praying, being sensitive to Him, and I always make sure He gets all the glory.

EP: If there was something you could say to people, and you had the opportunity, what would it be?

MD: My heart prayer for everybody is to really start to ask God and Jesus and the Holy Spirit to just saturate their soul, saturate their life, just fill those holes to overflowing with the Spirit. Because if they could just one-on-one find God — not find Him in a pastor or a book or a magazine or whatever, but really just take the time to abide and rest and get to know their Savior? Oh my gosh — their life would be totally different!

I tell people this a lot; they say, “Come on, you have to have bad days!” And I said, “You know, I don’t. I have my health (that’s another thing)…” When I was twenty-something years old I went to the doctor, didn’t know what it was but I had a little pain in my side, and they ended up taking my appendix. I really don’t think I needed my appendix out, but that’s what they thought it was. And I remember at that moment God said, “I am your assurance. You do not need insurance.” And I said, “Oh, okay.” And He just called me out of the medical field. He said, “You don’t have to take any more drugs. You don’t have to go for pap smears – none of that.” And I totally went culture-clean. And you know what, that was almost 30 years ago. And I’ve never been healthier since I’ve listened to Him. I mean, there’s just so many things He’s done. There’s just so much grace that pours down. And I know it’s because I’m walking with Him everyday. I don’t ever let go of Him.

I do remember one time I said to Him, “God, I’ve known You for so long, and I’ve walked with you for so long, and I don’t even know what it would be like to not have You in my life!” And so I asked Him, “Is there any way that I can just feel what it would be like to be somebody who doesn’t have You?” And I know it was probably just a moment, but I feel like it was an hour! And He took Himself away. And it was the most HORRIBLE – I mean it was like this dark, black, ugly — I can’t even explain it — It was just…  [sic] Oh my gosh, my spirit just cried. I cried because I thought, “Oh my gosh!!! I mean, people live like this???” I never knew the feeling! I didn’t know what it was like! I’ve always had Him. I’ve always been filled with His presence and His love! And He let me feel it… And I remember crying, “Oh my gosh! How could people live?! Like, they just walk through their life not knowing You?! How horrible and empty!” It makes my cry now (tearing up) just thinking about the people out there who don’t have Him, and how horrible of a life! But they don’t know!

EP: They’re just existing.

MD: I know. I mean, I’ve known Him for so long, I’ve never known what it’s like to not have Him.

EP: That is what it’s really like when He talks about being dead and yet living.

MD: Yes! It was HORRIBLE! And I said, “Oh my gosh, don’t ever leave me again!”

EP: YES!!! And He answered that prayer. And I believe there are times when we have unctions from the Holy Spirit to pray certain things, and I really believe that’s the Holy Spirit praying through us. I really believe He wanted you to experience that, because like you said, you had never had it before. You didn’t know.

MD: Yes, I had to know! I had to know what it felt like! Because I wouldn’t know how to deal with somebody who had never had Him. If I’ve never felt it, how would I know? So He’s taken me through a lot of experiences just so I know things.

EP: Yes, just for the knowledge and understanding.

The Perfect Life

MD: You know, I’ve never been homeless, but He’s taught me how to go up to a homeless person and be a friend – not just give them money and walk away – but to really be a friend.

EP: I work with homeless people everyday, but it’s in my field of work. I’m an RN. They are a very difficult population of people to deal with. Many of them are on drugs, they’re mentally ill, they’re not able to socialize normally, and so they don’t understand discipline, the consequences of their actions, and responsibility. They do not understand those normal skills a functioning adult has — they don’t have them. So, they are an extraordinarily difficult population of people to deal with. What would you say to that? What has God taught you?

MD: Well, I would say that a lot of people say that to me. They say, “Kelly, be careful. You don’t know who you’re dealing with.” But here’s where I have been given a gift, because I don’t just go up to any homeless person. I have to be led to one.The last homeless person that I went to — when we went out to dinner with, he prayed. He was ready. He just needed someone to show him there was hope; that somebody believed in him. He wound up getting land — everything I prayed for, for him — he wound up getting. He wound up getting land. Somebody let him use their mailbox. He was living under a tarp tent, but now he’s in subsidized housing on food stamps. I feel like if we are led by God to a specific person at a specific time, then maybe that person was ready. Maybe that person was asking for Jesus.

EP: That’s very much like the walk Jesus walked. There was the man whom Peter ministered to in Acts who sat by the gate begging everyday. Jesus walked by that gate on a daily basis.  Jesus never ministered to him while He was on the earth. And people ask, “Well, why didn’t the LORD do that for him? He had been there all those years?” Jesus saw him everyday at the gate of the temple. It was so normal. But Christ had to be an obedient servant to His Father. And He taught us that. You won’t hear this taught in the Church, but Christ said Himself, “I do nothing except what I hear and see my Father doing.” He lived that before His disciples everyday — hearing from His Father God. Taking time to get into His presence and being obedient. He walked with the Father in the Spirit — Jesus Christ was the fullness of the Godhead bodily. And so I believe that is what the Church is missing. We don’t understand that. We don’t understand that level of obedience. Would you agree?

MD: I agree. I do go to church because of my husband. He was born and raised in the church. But I’ve never really felt like I’m getting fed like I do if I’m with God on my own in a church.  I feel like so many people just sit on a pew and they don’t really let Christ come and fill them so we could do the works that we’re supposed to. He said even greater works will we do when we let Him lead us! Greater than He did because He had to go away. We not only have Him in us, but we have the Holy Spirit! If we’re living the right life, we are to be like Christ and go to the Father like Christ did, but it’s the Holy Spirit who’s our guide and Comforter.

EP: And wouldn’t you say that the more time you spend investing your life in the LORD and His presence and walking with Him — that’s when life really blossoms! It’s not in getting a bigger house, the car that you want, the job — it’s not in any of those things. It’s in following Christ. That’s where the joy of the LORD is.

MD: It really is! Again, here’s another little story of mine: When I was younger I wanted the big diamond ring. I came from a small community living in the suburbs. But you know, we didn’t have a lot. We weren’t poor, but we didn’t have a lot. But I always pictured myself, “I’m gonna have a five karat diamond ring!” My family would just laugh at me. And I told my family, “I’m really gonna’ get it!” And when I was younger I really pursued things. I got a great job, and I wound up getting that five karat diamond ring! There was a time in my life when I really did live around millionaires. But I was able to get there with God because I’ve always felt that lifestyle was so empty. Where I lived, everything was meticulously manicured. Everything was perfect. Everybody got plastic surgery. Everything was just, like, too perfect. It was too unreal.

EP: What did you do for a living?

MD: My husband and I bought and sold real estate, so that’s really where we made most of our money. So we lived around a lot of really rich people. Personally, it wasn’t for me. I just wanna live in a tree house on some land, and not have a lot. I’m just happier that way! I wasn’t happy. I kept saying, “When is enough going to be enough?” And enough was never enough. But I was so glad I was able to be in that knowing that it really wasn’t fulfilling!

EP: And that’s where I wanted to ask you this question, because Kelly that is the doctrine of the world — that the more you have the happier you’ll be — that all those things lead to fulfillment and satisfaction. And so you’ve seen both sides. You’ve been there. You’ve attained a lot — the five karat diamond ring, the big house, the relationship, the great job (very promising) — all offering you a beautiful future as far as the world. But here’s my question: Were you happier then, or are you happier now?

MD: Happier now. And I would really be happy living in a little tree house. And I don’t have a big house now. I live in a very poor community, like people who have been poor their whole lives is where I live now. But God led me here. That’s another part of my testimony. I lived in an affluent area and I just felt like, “You know God, where am I supposed to go?” I really could go anywhere and do anything because I am capable to do anything – change careers — I didn’t care. I just said, “I wanna go where You want me to go.” And then it was like throwing a dart at a board. And I just said, “Okay.” He led me to a place that was very on the back roads. All the houses were old, dilapidated, falling down, and everything was old and the signs are old, and it’s just old. But the people were so real. It was like stepping back into the 1960’s when there were no fences. And you’d go to your neighbor’s house to borrow a cup of sugar. I wasn’t around that for the longest time! I mean, you just didn’t do that where I lived before. Everybody was just kinda fake there.

EP: And this is something I see, too, Kelly, is that when you have the life where you have everything you could ever want — all of the money and all of the success — you don’t need anyone else. That’s the deception. You don’t need anyone else and you don’t need God. People who live like that — you never get to know your neighbors. It isolates you. It brings you into a state of such independence, that the sense of community, family — and needing or even wanting someone else isn’t there. It doesn’t facilitate that kind of lifestyle you’re living. Everyone becomes an island unto themselves. Now that you’re walking with the LORD, there’s interdependence! There’s the need for community! Yeah, my neighbor — they have the cup of sugar! And you get to know people. Everyone has something someone else doesn’t have. That’s where the beauty is when you live with less and your life is more simplified — you do end up needing your neighbor. Everyone meets each other where they’re at. And that is just so beautiful.

MD: I was so blessed to experience all of that! He’s blessed me with so much versatility! I’ve been able to live with the poor, and able to live with the rich. I grew up in the middle class, so I was able to experience and see a lot of things. I’ve traveled and I’ve met people. I’ve done a lot in my short time on earth. I’ve been able to do a lot, but I believe it’s because He was grooming me and sculpting me and molding me to this ministry. So I’d be able to talk with all walks of life.

EP: What I love about your ministry Kelly is that it is truly what Christ intends for every Christian to live. That life of being led by the Holy Spirit, walking with God, doing His will one moment at a time, keeping it simple, making LOVE the center of everything we do, and being Jesus.  I love it! It’s beautiful!

MD: It’s the perfect life on this earth!

EP: Yes, and I’m so glad you’ve found it! You’ve found the narrow way. And I pray with all my heart that everyone who reads this interview and visits your blog and your ministry site will awaken. That their eyes will be opened that they’ll be like, “Oh! That’s what it’s all about!” I pray they will adapt to that lifestyle as well in whatever way God leads them; in whatever way that might be for their personal life. So I pray that people start seeing Christ in the life of the Christian and what it really means.

So what do you do for a living now?

MD: I travel [with work] three days a week, and I’m able to see different people everyday. I’m always out, and so God will lead me to certain people, homeless people. There’s always needs. And it’s really neat the position I’m in because I’m able to be out. I’m two hours away from my house – North, South, East, and West –  I go within a two-hour range.

The Narrow Way

EP: What would you say to people in closing? What would you want to leave people with as a closing statement?

MD: Probably a prayer.

EP: Okay, why don’t you do that, Kelly. Go ahead and pray.

MD: Dear Heavenly Father, me and Erin [sic] ask to come to You in unity and one accord. And we just pray Father that You would pour Your Spirit down upon all flesh. There are so many that don’t know you today, and I just ask You — it could only be You that touches their lives, Father — but I just ask You to use me and Erin to just use us as your open vessel. Just fill us full to overflowing, Father, because we need Your glory, Your grace, Your mercy – otherwise we deplete ourselves. Just keep filling us full to overflowing so that everything is just around us touches those people You lead us to.

Father I would just love to say a prayer that every single person would just know You personally. Would know Your Spirit, would get to know the Holy Spirit, would get to know Jesus Christ as their our LORD Savior. They wouldn’t take the word that they’ve been given that were words that people just think, “Gosh, I don’t want that.” But they would be, that it would fill them so full, that they would say, “Wow, I never knew this side; I never knew that Jesus was like this; I never knew that I could have the Holy Spirit.” But I just ask Father that You keep leading us, guiding us, and protecting us, and help us to save the lost. Help us to do what Jesus did. Help us to fulfill when He said that greater works we will do. Help us to do those greater works, Father. And I just ask and pray for everybody in the world, and whoever you want to lead us to one day, one moment at a time. Just [sic], I pray that prayer. And I ask that all in Yeshua’s name. Amen.


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Healing from our Great Physician

Sharing just a few of my healing’s, to give our Father in Heaven all the glory. He was my Great Physician in my times of need, and I thank Him for that.

One of my healing’s came when I was sitting on a concrete wall, looking out at the Gulf with my Bulldog. It was a beautiful sunny afternoon and I was enjoying it. My Dog loves the water and I wanted to go down to it, but between us and the Gulf was about 8 feet of Barnacles. So, I decided to carry my dog across them to get to the sand and the Water. I was almost there, but that last step a barnacle moved under my footing and I was going down, not wanting my dog to be sliced open, as I was falling I flung him out towards to Water and the sand. And down I went, ouch.

After getting back to my home, I looked and the back of my leg was sliced wide open, the meat was hanging out. It would need stitches. But, instead I prayed and asked the Great Physician to help me and to heal me.

I felt led to wash it out with Peroxide 1st, then to get Tea Tree Essential Oil on it and Butterfly stitch it with the butterfly bandages. I had to have someone do that for me, because you need to hold the skin together as you put the butterfly bandages on to hold the skin in place, like a surgical stitch would.

The next 3 days, 3 times a day I put Tea Tree Essential Oil on it, which is a natural Anti-Biotic, Anti-Septic, Anti-Microbial and overall a miracle oil. Once it started healing, then I used Lavender Essential Oil, which is a cell rejuvenator and rapid healer. And after 1 week, it was healed. I took off the Butterfly Bandages and it was closed but I had a scar, and overtime it healed fully, no scar today.

Thank you my Great Physician, and the things you provided to help me to heal. He met me right where I was at and used the things I had on hand to bring forth my healing.

Animals of the Air, Land and Sea

Animals, have always had a special place in my heart. Sometimes, when things happen in life, I ask my husband the “why’s” and his answer is always the same, he says “because God made it that way”. Well, that is how I feel with my connection to animals, because God made me that way. Maybe, it is to tell His story thru my life testimony.

My reason for writing this post, is, because of yesterday. On my way to work at the end of the road were a family of Deer. I stopped to watch them, as they made their way across the road and up the mountain on into the woods, and then they were gone. It made me ponder the life of animals and how God made them to be able to take care of their self, and their own kind.

All the animals that were created by our Creator were meant to be free, for His plan and purpose upon this earth. They are a gift to us, that we should be enjoying. They all were created with a specific plan and purpose for His will to be done upon this earth as it is already is done in heaven.

Here are only a few examples:                                                                                          Beavers make the dams where and when our Creator tells them to for His plan on this earth, for our Rivers, Lakes and Streams to flourish. The Wild Boar family are the tillers of the land, they plow and dig where and when He wants them to, just like when we plow our own gardens to prepare the land to plant our edibles. The Bull and Cow family mows the lands along with Horses, Goats and many other kinds of animals who eat the grasses to survive. The Birds and all the Winged ones, even the Bee’s and Butterflies all were created to replenish the earth and drop the seeds, berries, and any excess into the soil to always create regrowth of foods needed to sustain life. They eat the berries, and nuts and seed and drop many to the earth for regrow.

Our earth was created for all of us to be free to live and flourish in happiness and peace. We should have no fences, no paved roads, no boarders or boundaries. These are all man-kinds mistakes upon this earth. This earth was created for us to live as one people under our Father in Heavens will be done. If we could see the plan He created in Genesis I & II before the fall of man-kind. We would be living in a pretty perfect world.

And then again, He shows us this in Revelation 21 & 22. But that will all take place after the fact that we have proven we cannot live without Y’shua to rule and reign above us. The Heaven and Earth that we, man-kind has made will pass away. And a New Heaven and Earth will be so. We can see that the whole middle of His word is filled with man-kind making mistake after mistake and repeating the mistakes throughout history, never learning from them, but only becoming worse as the days pass by.

We are overall very sick people. We do abominations every day to our own kind and life as it exists. We never learn, we only get worse. It breaks my heart every day to see what goes on in this world because of the choices we make.

Animals, all of them should be free to live there own lives and to flourish and multiply upon this earth.  They were not put here for us to consume, to be cooked in the fleshpots, to be caged, tortured, cloned, bred, experimented on, use as bait, crushed and all the in-between’s that we do to them.

They were given as a gift to us all, from the One who created and made them.  Our Father in Heaven gives Life. There is the counterfeit one who imitates our Creator who takes life. Ponder this and reflect upon it.  There will be a time when our Creator tells us this “The wolf will live with the lamb, the leopard will lie down with the goat, the calf and the lion and the yearling together; and a little child will lead them.” Sounds to me like His perfect plan coming to fruition after it is all said and done. This life and our choices gone forever more. We still have the opportunity to make the right choices today. I pray you do.



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